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Seychelles Personal Injury Lawyers

Victoria Law Firm personal injury lawyers specialize in helping and assisting injured people in Seychelles. The main focus of our personal injury attorneys is to provide a friendly, personal and professional service to our clients to ensure that they receive all the remuneration which are due in a cost effective and stress free.

Our Team Handles Work Injury, Car Injury and Fall & Claims

If you have a car accident injury, work injury or if you are a victim of an injury you believe was caused by the negligence, wrongful act or oversight of someone else, you may still be entitled to financial reward, compensation and a claim well worth following. Even if you think your actions may have been responsible and contributed to your injury.

Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys have years of experience and knowledge in personal injury cases. Our personal injury attorneys will help finding the availability of medical bills, funds to help repair loss of your car or motor vehicle, reimbursement for damages or personal property, and more.

Seychelles personal injury lawyers at Victoria Law Firm specialises in all aspects and areas of personal injury claim as summarized below:

  • Car accident injury
  • Work accidents or injury
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Marine or boat accidents
  • Motorbike or motorcycle accident injury
  • Aviation accidents
  • Accidents caused by the wrongful act or negligence of another party